We impart knowledge using creative techniques.

Learning is made fun and easy. We impart knowledge to students by enhancing their learning skills and creativity

Practical hands-on teaching

makes learning easy and effective.

Hands on experiments for increased retention.
Practice in problem solving and critical thinking.
Hands-on practices for solving math problems, building circuits and lab experiments.


Go Beyond Classroom

We offer value added courses on Python, Web designing and Tally.

The value add on courses are planned for holistic development. We offer basic Web designing, programming in Python and Tally for commerce students .

Experiential Learning

New concepts provided by new experiences.

We are using AR,VR Simulation and Gaming technologies to enable experiential learning.

Students benefit from the interactive method of learing and understand the practical and theory aspects well.

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Optics Lab

Optics is the study of the behaviour and properties of light, including its interactions with matter and the construction of instruments that use or detect it.


Hands on Electronics Laboratory

We are going to cover electronics from the fundamentals of electricity to a stage where you will build a project and begin to grasp this concepts in a hands-on practical way.